Core Aeration

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An important cultural practice available to your lawn is a Core Aeration. We offer Spring and Fall Aerations. Aeration is accomplished with a machine that removes thousands of small cores (1”-3” ) of dirt from your lawn. This allows both water and fertilizer to get to the root zone of the grass plants.

Aeration also creates new growth pockets for new roots and it also helps in the decomposition of thatch. Service to be provided between September and November, weather permitting.


  • increases air, water, and nutrient movement to the root zone
  • intensifies decomposition of thatch
  • helps relieve soil compaction
  • improves drainage
  • provides better environment for overseeding
  • increases the effectiveness of applied fertilization and control products
  • incorporates organic matter into the soil
  • increases tolerance to heat and cold 

As Lows as $32

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