Grub Control


It’s expensive to replace your lawn, so don’t let grubs damage yours. Protect your lawn with our Preventative Grub Control treatment. This annual, one time application is applied in summer (June - July) and will kill the grub larvae before it is able to damage the root system of your lawn. This preventative insecticide treatment will also help control the newly invasive European Crane Fly larvae from damaging the crown of the grass plants. The benefits of this one application are targeting two lawn-damaging insects with just one application.

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Helpful Hint:

If you find your grass lifting, or some browning, you may have Grubs. Carefully lift grass up & check for any visable grubs. Place grass back and treat the entire area with an insecticide & keep watering until the grass plant has rerooted. Keep in mind that if you have Grubs, your lawn does not always have to be reseeded or replaced. With proper watering & an insecticide treatment most of the damage will recover.  If damage is severe, then you may have to reseed or replace lawn, but you should still treat with insecticide

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