Perimeter Pest Control

Protect your home with our perimeter pest control application. This application provides a barrier to insects (spiders, crickets, silverfish, millipedes, centipedes, ants, pantry pests and many more) before they can enter your home.

Bug Band Program 

We treat out approximately 3-4 feet around the house perimeter and approximately 2 feet up on the foundation wall. This will add protection from bug invasions in the small cracks and crevices around the outside of your home. We also spray any mulch area's  around your home,  where insects like to hide.

It creates a protective barrier applied to the exterior of your home where the concrete foundation meets the wooden strucrure.

It is recommended that you use this service a minimum of  3 visits annually (usually Late May, June and August) as to help prevent invasion. Program can begin at any time.


Flea & Tick 
We will treat your entire lawn to protect you and your pet's, so you can enjoy your outdoor activities with fewer uninvited guest, & to prevent your pet's from bringing flea & ticks into your home.

This application we spray all of your grass area's front & back !

Recommend 3-4 applications per season.

$39.95 - $49.95 each application



As Lows as $32

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