Powdery Mildew

SEASON: Early summer to fall.

APPEARANCE: First symptoms are light patches of dusty, white to light gray growth on grass blades, especially during cool, rainy weather. Lowest leaves may become completely covered. Although generally not too serious a problem, it can become severe if not controlled. Heavily afflicted areas look as though they've been covered with lime or flour or sprayed with a coat of white paint.

FAVORABLE CONDITIONS: Slow or non-existent air circulation, shade, and high humidity with temperatures of 60º to 70º F.

SUSCEPTIBLE GRASSES: Kentucky bluegrass, zoysia grass, and Bermuda grass. Lawns growing rapidly because of excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer are extremely susceptible.

RESISTANT VARIETIES: 'Cindy' and 'Flyer' red fescues, 'America' and 'Chateau' Kentucky bluegrasses

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