Lawn Pests



Grubs eat the roots holding the grass in place, dead patches in your lawn will pull back like pieces of loose carpet.

Skunks, raccoons, and birds dig up your yard searching for grubs.

Chinch Bugs


  Chinch bugs are sap-sucking insects that feed by sucking on grass blades. While feeding, chinch bugs secrete an anticoagulant that causes grass to stop absorbing water. As a result, the grass withers and dies. 

Sod Webworms


  Sod webworms eat grass blades and entire stems, leaving brown patches behind. Their damage is swift and extensive. The turf is often riddled with holes from birds foraging for worms, and silken tunnels are found at turf level. 



  This destructive garden pest gets its name because it travels in small insect armies and consumes just about everything in its path .



   Cutworms shelter in underground burrows during the day and emerge at night to feed at the base of grass, biting stems completely off.  

Fleas and Ticks


A blood feeding external parasites of mammals, birds and reptiles,fleas & ticks are important vectors of disease causing agents.

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Moles / Voles


  Voles damage your lawn by clipping the grass close to the roots when they construct surface runways beneath the snow. These runways are typically found travelling from shrub or ornamental areas to the nesting area.