Common Weeds



 This perennial weed has yellow flowers, it also produces a puffball seed head, and these seeds are easily dispersed by wind. 



Cool season perennial that roots at nodes. Goes dormant in the winter.  Low growing, leaves composed of three leaflets  most with a pale triangular mark. Flower head is a cluster of many white or pink-tinged, pea-like flowers. 

Ground Ivy


Also known as Creeping Charlie. Its low creeping plant that roots at nodes . Prefers damp, shady areas; can tolerate full sun .



This invasive weed grows erect with spines on the leaves and stems. They can grow up to 3 ft tall.

Wild Violets


It grows in bunches, reaching a height of 2-5 in. It has a blue - violet flower, lilac or white petals. Heart shaped leaves with scalloped edges.



Its a warm season annual weed, It has a red or purple stem, it emits milky juice when broken, it usually forms mats by branching from the base. 

Wild Grasses

Crab Grass


Summer annual. It grows up to 2 ft. tall.  Dies after the first frost in the fall. Seeds germinate from spring through late summer. Pre emergent Treatmet its recommended to prevent most of this type of grass from growing in your lawn.

Nutsedge Grass


 It’s a perennial, grass-like lawn weed, also called Nutgrass, Its leaves are grasslike and yellow-green, and the spiky flower or seed head is yellow. It can be distinguished from good grasses by its V-shaped stem.  

Quack Grass


It's typically found in vacant fields or along roadsides that are not regularly mowed. Specially during the month of June, the grass plant will begin to produce seeds. 

Creeping Bent-grass


 Creeping bentgrass is a spreading cool-season perennial grass that is commonly used for golf course greens, tees and fairways. Bentgrass becomes very 'puffy' when maintained at mowing heights above one inch.

Tall Fescue


  Tall fescue is a clumping perennial cool-season turfgrass. Its coarse texture and aggressive growth habit make it objectionable in many situations because it does not mix well with other turfs. 

Zoysia Grass


 Zoysia typically stays light to medium green. It turns brown when winter dormancy sets in. In the spring it takes longer to green up. We recommend overseeding to get rid of this grass.